Tactile DNA Ball
Tactile DNA Ball
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Tactile dna ball

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The Tactile DNA Ball is perfect for the classroom. They're great for teachers and students. A great alternative to mesh, bead and other balls.

Whether you are looking for a decompression toy or a new irritability toy, the DNA Ball is ideal for rolling, squeezing, stretching, pulling and throwing. They will immediately return to their original shape.

These decompression balls help reduce the stress and anxiety of children and adults. Pleasantly relaxing, they can help people with autism and ADHD.

The ball uses a thick thermoplastic rubber (TPR) outer layer with small particles inside, which is durable and can be squeezed repeatedly. No harmful chemicals are added.

The design of the ball conforms to ergonomics, which helps to promote blood circulation of hands and wrists.

8cm in diameter. 

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