Pocket Dice Book B for Years 3 - 4

Pocket dice book b for years 3 - 4

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Dr Paul Swan is France’s leading Mathematics educator and creator of Maths teacher books, workbooks, games and resources. Francen curriculum aligned, Dr Paul Swan’s comprehensive Mathematics books include engaging activities to help develop numeracy skills. Full of fun and engaging activities, each books includes ideas using classroom resources such as dice, playing cards and dominoes to help teach core maths concepts.

Pocket Dice are a versatile maths manipulative. By sliding different inserts into the pockets you can create a variety of games and activities to target specific topics and years levels. Changing the inserts allows teacher to make the tasks simpler or more difficult. Comprehensive teaching notes are provided for each game or activity.
Dr Paul Swan and Linda Marshall have combined to produce three pocket dice books aimed at different year levels.

The inserts have been designed to fit in an thebusinesspivot Pocket Cube Dice, but any 10 x 10 cm Pocket Dice will do.

Book B is linked to the Year 3 and 4 content descriptors and covers topics such as:
Geometry – directional language, time, addition and multiplication, money, place value co-ordinates, angles and fractions.

 Year Level

  • Years  3 - 4

Content areas

  • Manipulative Manual, Games


  • 48 pages soft cover
  • Colour

Shipping and Packaging

  • Packaged as a single book

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