Indigenous teacher stamps

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“Representation in education matters and it begins with making First Nations Peoples, cultures, history and achievements visible in our classrooms and alive in our lessons and conversations, beyond Reconciliation, Harmony and NAIDOC Week.”  @teacherlatte


Aboriginal Stamps

Each stamp comes with a card including a title in Gamilaroi language (along with a translation), meaning, short description and relevance to student’s learning. Please note that all descriptions are described first-hand by the artist Lakkari Pitt Gamilaroi yinarr (woman) from Walgett, North West New South Wales..


This premium pre-inked stamp will last a lifetime when re-inked and can achieve up to hundreds of crisp impressions.

  • Stamp size: 32 mm
  • Shape: round
  • Stamp shell: black 
  • Ink: black 

Meeting Place Stamp “Deadly Team Work“

Meaning: Meeting Place

Description: This symbol represents a meeting place with lots of miyaay (girls) and birray (boys) sitting around it. This stamp should be used to reward deadly (meaning great or excellent) team work.

Coolamon Stamp “You Showed Kindness

Meaning: Coolamon

Description: Coolamons are used to gather traditional and contemporary foods, medicines, and other necessities. They are also used to cradle and nurse young babies. This stamp can be used when a student has shown that they are actively using the skills they have learnt by gathering and applying it. It can also be used when a student has shown compassion to others.

Star Stamp “You Are a Leader”

Title: Miiri

Meaning: Star in Gamilaroi language

Description: First Nations people use the night sky to navigate their way across Country, to indicate what season it is and also to predict weather (among many other things). The night sky is filled with Miiris that are keepers of this knowledge. This stamp can be used to reward students for being leaders, guiders or knowledge holders.


About the Artist: Lakkari Pitt is a proud Gamilaroi yinarr (woman) from Walgett, North West New South Wales. Her art is a contemporary take on the knowledge that her Elders and significant people in her life have passed down throughout generations. Lakkari’s art explores the movement, essence, and stories of Country.

Lakkari acknowledges that First Nations people across Country have different interpretations and understandings of symbols used throughout Aboriginal art. Each symbol and meaning used in Aboriginal art is unique to each Aboriginal artists’ interpretation. The knowledge that is shared in the description of each symbol is solely the perspective of Lakkari’s from the knowledge passed down to her from her Elders and significant people in her life.

Royalties made from the sale of this stamp directly support the artist.


Torres Strait Islander Stamp

Waru Stamp “Look How Far You’ve Come”

The Torres Strait Islands is known for its massive sea beds where turtles thrive on this sea bed. Turtles are a well respected animal and a main staple food for Torres Strait Islanders.


This premium pre-inked stamp will last a lifetime when re-inked and can achieve up to hundreds of crisp impressions.

  • Stamp size: 32 mm
  • Shape: round
  • Stamp shell: sea foam green 
  • Ink: green 

About the artist: Mooki Pen is a Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait Islander) artist born and raised in Mackay, QLD and descends from Badu and Mer.

Mooki Pen acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Yuggera country on the land which she resides on and pays respect to those past, present & emerging.

All royalties made directly support the artist and Torres Strait Islander organisation, Our Islands Our Home to support local communities in Zenadth Kes

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