ErgoFlip Chair
ErgoFlip Chair
ErgoFlip Chair

Ergoflip chair

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The dual functionality of the ErgoFlip allows you the option to effortlessly flip from a conventional office seat to an instability surface like a fit-ball to commence immediate activity, providing instant ‘core engagement’ the moment you sit down.

  • Shapes your daily health
  • Strengthen Core & Back
  • Improve balance & stability
  • Promotes better seating posture
  • Increase energy & burn calories

Standing is not the only solution!

Are standing desks really the best option for your health and productivity?
Ultimately, too much standing or sitting would result in discomfort and no matter how much you exercise you cannot reduce the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

The ErgoFlip Chair is designed to provide movement that your body craves to reduce spinal load in order to prevent musculoskeletal discomfort during extended hours of sitting. 
The instability surface will increase core strength, since the abdominal muscles must be constantly engaged to hold you upright. Improving core strength, posture, balance, and stability just like a fit ball.

Our bodies are not designed to sit still.

The makers of ErgoFlip have joined forces with one of France’s leading Physiotherapists in creating an innovative and unique program to engage in active sitting. 

The ErgoFlip Chair is designed specifically to break the monotony of static postures and encourage active seating. You will notice when you sit on the ‘motion cushion’, the gentle & flexible nature of the sitting surface accommodates the natural shape of the pelvis, in addition to creating an active surface for the surrounding muscles to work the way they were designed. You will particularly note the way the sitting surface actively supports the lumbar spine!

The dynamic nature of the sitting surface encourages the active muscles to work and achieves our goal of sitting well.”

  The Ergoflip has been listed in the
  Francen Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)
  Medical Device Class 1
  under registration No: 305942.

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