Beanstalk Books Decodable Readers - Set 2 Fiction - Teacher Book
Beanstalk Books Decodable Readers - Set 2 Fiction - Teacher Book
Beanstalk Books Decodable Readers - Set 2 Fiction - Teacher Book

Beanstalk books decodable readers - set 2 fiction - teacher book

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The Beanstalk Books Decodable Readers series is a collection readers, workbooks and Teacher Books that delivers purely decodable reading books around a phonics sequence for young children and older, struggling readers. Each decodable reader is built on the principles of the science of reading and supports a worldwide movement of evidence-based reading instruction.

The Beanstalk Books Decodable Readers Teachers Books support each library of decodable readers. There are 72 titles in each series. Included in the Teachers Book is a lesson plan and a reproducible activity sheet for each book title in the set of readers.

Each Decodable Readers Teachers Book is a high-quality presentation of activity plans, reproducible pages and assessments. They each include a Screening Check and Word Banks. There is also a bonus scope and sequence chart to help ensure you have the resources you need to progress and develop each child.

Beanstalk Books Decodable Readers - Set 2 Fiction - Teacher Book

Teacher Book for Set 2 Fiction includes an overview of Letters & Sounds program; phonics scope and sequence, individual teacher lesson plans for each decodable reader in the set, photocopiable activity pages for each book, screening checks and assessment pages, and a high-frequency word bank.


Page 6: Letters & Sounds Decodables – Overview

Page 7: Introduction

Page 8: What is Letters & Sounds?

Page 9: Scope and Sequence

Page 10: Letters & Sounds Progression

Page 17: Get Started

Page 18: Letters and Sounds Set Book Summary

Page 34: Teacher Lesson Plans

Page 198: Assessment and Screening Check

Page 218: Photocopiable Screening Check

Page 219: Glossary

Page 220: High-Frequency Words

  • 221 pages, ring bound, coloured tabs for each phase in each set, reproducible activity pages.
  • Bonus full colour classroom scope and sequence chart

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