Anger Management - Toss N Talk About Conversation Ball

Anger management - toss n talk about conversation ball

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Inspire new ways to think about anger and appropriate responses!

The questions, quotes and positive affirmations printed on this 40cm inflatable ball helps lead conversations about personal feelings, common frustrations and tactics to help control temper and adopt a more cheerful attitude. Get your class to open up with questions like "How can anger affect your health?", "Describe the physical changes you experience when getting angry" and "What does it mean to say someone has a short fuse?".

This unique inflatable ball is printed with simple instructions or questions that will encourage social interaction, reminiscing, relaxation, self-esteem or just exploring personal feelings.

Perfect for one-on one sessions or group activities, it is easily adapted for all age and functioning levels. Each ball also includes a handy activity sheet with ideas for play.

Ball can be manually inflated or by using a standard foot pump.

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